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Church Fundraising/Service to Faith-Based Organizations

Communication and Marketing/Digital and Direct

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Major Gifts & Planned Giving & Estate Gifts

Resources for HIV/AIDS Prevention Organizations

Connecting the nonprofit sector with the

NonProfit National Resource Directory Profile Listing

Business Name (DBA): Best Principled Solutions LLCBusiness Address: 3406 Keswick Way, West Chester, Pennsylvania 19382 Business Phone: 484.769.2327Email Address: kayte@bestprincipledsolutions.comWebsite:;; www.engagingyourboard.orgPrincipal: Kayte Connelly CCT

Categories of service:AccreditationAdministration/ManagementAdvocacy and Public PolicyAssociation ManagementAwards and RecognitionBoard DevelopmentCareerConflict Management and MediationConstituency/Membership Development and ManagementConsultants, Credit/Debit Card ProcessingCustomer Service Development Audits/AssessmentsDiversity and Intercultural UnderstandingDonor Management & StewardshipDonor RecognitionExecutive Coaching/MentoringFacilitatorsFoundation Management Free ServicesFundraising and Philanthropic DevelopmentGrants and GrantwritersInstructional Design and Curriculum Development Interim Staff & Executive DirectorsInterview SkillsJob SearchLeadership DevelopmentLeadership TransitionLife CoachesMulti-agency CollaborationNon Dues RevenueNonprofit ResourcesOrganizational Development/Organizational AssessmentsOrganizations Serving Non-ProfitsPresentation Training, Program Development Program EvaluationPublic RelationsResearch,Resume DevelopmentRisk ManagementSpeakersSpecial Event/Conference Management SponsorshipsStart Ups and MergersStrategic PlanningSuccession Planning Team BuildingTrainers/TrainingVolunteer and Professional Development

Description of services:Leadership coach and organizational development consultant with over twenty five years experience in nonprofit leadership serving variety of populations (business, education, government, arts, youth, and social services).

Focus on change and growth. Collaborate through community efforts. Exceptional working background in all aspects of governance, strategic and annual planning, membership organizations, fund development, program enrichment, event management and production, training, public relations, networking, financial and market analysis, volunteer and other administrative related functions. Project management. Profit improvement and cost reduction. Analysis management information reporting. Operation and organizational review. Performance management. Contracts administration. Human resource management. Compensation and incentive plan development. Government relations. Advocacy. Presently teaching nonprofit management teleseminars to an international audience.

Certified ChangeWorks® Trainer. Approved PA Nonprofit Standards for Excellence consultant, trainer and peer reviewer. 2008 & 2009 Member of the Year NAWBO. 2009 and 2010 Small Business Award Philadelphia Philanthropy Summit. Effective communication skills. Coaching and Philanthropy Virtual Leadership Coaching Learning Circle participant. Focus on ethics, governance, accountability, planning, process and financial analysis, with extensive executive interaction and group interaction. Leadership, motivating others, building relationships, resolving conflict, time management, and quality emphasis.

Grew one organization from (-$29,000) to $1.8 million in 7 years; investment and other fiscal policies; 990 compliance and use as a PR tool

Most frequently requested services: • Strategic plans (extensive fund development work)for Black Entertainment Music Association (BEMA), Adams County Arts Council (ACAC); Delaware County Chamber of Commerce• Board Retreats – BEMA, ACAC, Lupus Foundation Philadelphia Tri-State Chapter• Planning Facilitation

Background on you and/or your business:Kayte Connelly CCT is an award winning author, leadership coach and organizational development consultant.

She has over 25 years of experience in community leadership and has worked in business, education, with special populations, government and the arts. Connelly has honed skills and acted as a successful change agent, designing systems that assist individuals and their organizations in dreaming big and accomplishing those dreams.

Connelly is a graduate of Leadership Berks, Leadership TriCounty and has overseen the creation of two art galleries, mergers, social enterprises; she has successfully grown a jazz festival to international status and from 18 to 138 events; served as the executive producer of a major music awards presentation and produced a TV show for 7 years.

A "cultivator", Connelly works with individuals who want more for their business and personal lives and who are interested in leaving a legacy of leadership in their wake.

Connelly is a Certified ChangeWorks® Practitioner, Analyst and Trainer and has a support team of more than 100 ChangeWorks® affiliates located throughout the United States and India. In addition, she is an approved Standards for Excellence Consultant, Trainer and Peer Reviewer. She serves on numerous boards and committees throughout her community and regularly contributes to the community column of the Philadelphia Women''s Journal.

Her book, “Engaging Your Board: It’s Raining Yen” is expected out in bookstores in late June.

Testimonials and/or references:"Using Kayte was the best thing that we could have done for our organization," - Chris Glatfelter, Executive Director, Adams County Arts Council, Gettysburg, PA; Strategic Plan and Annual Program of Work; pre-feasibility study for capital campaign, fall 2007 through spring 2008

"Coach Kayte is so inspirational and positive. I look forward to our weekly sessions, encouraging feedback, helpful resources and challenging assignments. She empowers me to make the decisions and changes in my life that will bring about the greatest rewards, personally, financially and spiritually. I would highly recommend Coach Kayte to anyone looking to evolve into the best they can be." - Deborah JH Bertolet, Director of Marketing, Heritage Commons

Names of and/or links to your books, articles or Philadelphia Women''s Journal

Service area by country, state or zip code:MidAtlantic Region for physical activity; virtual coaching and webinars

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An Introduction To El Cajon Weightloss Exercise

« Know What You Are Getting Into With Ephedra slimming aids!

Find Helpful Info about weight loss »

An Introduction To El Cajon Weightloss Exercise

Joining in El Cajon weight loss program is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to start losing weight. Joining the weight loss program is generally the most effective method to lose weight, since you have the advantages of additional motivation and being able to join others in their quest to lose weight.

A weight loss program is the best way to lose weight and there is no doubt about it. You will be under the supervision of a rigid instructor who is well trained and qualified. This will be highly motivational and though you might find it rather daunting at first, the rewards will be enormous in the longer term. You will also be much less likely to drop out as you will be absolutely driven to succeed every step of the way.

Losing weight tends to be boring. It tends to be a long and tiresome process and many people end up giving up because of this. Joining such a program will ensure that you have the motivation you need under constant professional advice and guardianship. You will have a highly well experienced and qualified trainer who will help you along every step of the way.

You can overcome this problem by joining a weight loss program with a highly trained instructor. There you’ll be motivated not only by the instructor, but by other people who are in exactly the same boat as you are. This way you can meet other people and make friends which certainly means that losing weight doesn’t have to be boring and unsociable.

The next most important factor of losing weight is your own requirements. All people are slightly different and capable of different things. While some may find it easier to lose weight in progress through the ranks quickly, others may find it more of a struggle and more patience and time may be required.

Having a personal trainer also gives you the advantage of being able to address your own needs. Everyone is different and everyone has different bodies and if the metabolism levels. We all have various requirements that differs slightly from one person to the other. These individual requirements can obviously not be focused on by any weight loss manual or diet program.

Having a personal trainer will mean that you will have these individual needs addressed. Instead automatically following instructions which are based on the average need to the general public, you will be working at a pace best suited to you. It is the job of the personal trainer to make sure that this is the case.

There is certainly not a cheap way of weight loss programs, it is by far the most effective. You also have the advantage of being committed at the El Cajon weight loss plans, or more likely to get yourself committed to the cause.

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